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March 14, 2010


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Just to let you know Jim, we have been playing around with the menu at Roadside to ensure timing is not an issue. I know that you come to the park for the rides and not waitinf for food, so we have set it up to be quick service, there is no way you will be waiting like a restaurant. I will be working with the crew at Roadside during the first couple weekends to ensure that they understand how to get the product out quickly. The manager, Gary, is really looking forward to the challenges that will come up. We also just added what might be the best Veal Sandwich in Toronto!


The bliss on a stick sounds great, and I’m looking forward to trying one for sure.
I wonder whether there will be issues around timing for the wings, especially for those that order both a sandwich and wings.

Mike MacDonald

Wilf, this looks great can't wait to try it out. The kids are excited to meet Snoopy as well. Good luck.

Mike MacDonald

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